Desecrated Paradise

by Awaken Insanity

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    - Awaken Insanity

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released February 18, 2015

Music and lyrics written by B. Leung
Produced, mixed, and mastered by B. Leung
Cover art by J. Jappinen

Awaken Insanity is:
Bennett Leung - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Brandon Quan - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Graham Lim - Bass
Ramkumar Venkat - Keyboards



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Awaken Insanity Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Sins of The Past
[Verse 1]
On with the tide, washed away
From the light that blinds your eyes
And watch as the skies set ablaze
Well maybe it's just not that simple
When you're not even looking at the goddamn picture

And as you find your way
Know that all is as it should be
And when the times get tough,
Don't ever lose sight of who you are
Is found deep within us all

[Keyboard Solo - R. Venkat]

[Verse 2]
No fall is ever too high - no storm too strong
In the dead of the night, the silence closing in
Cold winds upon my face,
A reminder that the past is what made us who we are


[Guitar Solo - B. Leung]


Track Name: Desecrated Paradise
[Verse 1]
Within the shadows we hide...
Product of living a lie,
Deliverance; the never-ending scream of retribution
We are among you, and you cannot run
From the truth that hides from deep within

The cries of the broken pave the way to the new world
The end is upon us, but you know we won't back down

DESECRATED! Forever lost in this dystopia, this
PARADISE! Is never what it seems to be, in this
LAND OF SHAME! Of shame and guilt, where the madness dwells, I've
DUG MY GRAVE! It beckons me, oh it's taunting me now...

[Verse 2]
Defenses broken down, guaranteed annihilation
This war of attrition left in its wake
A lifeless shell of human civilization
As we mourn the dead, they cry out

You're never alone in the barren lands of hopelessness
You're never alone
You're never alone

[Guitar Solo 1 - B. Leung]

[Keyboard Solo 1 - R. Venkat]

[Guitar Solo 2 - B. Leung]

[Keyboard Solo 2 - R. Venkat]


Track Name: Worlds Apart
[Verse 1]
Do you remember how the days would pass us by?
The neon lights have faded to grey
Everlasting, still the memory remains
Every moment in time is a new chapter

[Verse 2]
Underneath the starry skies,
We'd watch as the night grew silent
Not a word, not a soul in sight
Like everything, all good things must come to an end...

Never thought it'd end this way
Time waits for no one, it feels no shame
Million things we'd do again, some things are better left unsaid
Ready or not, guess it just goes to show
How we were always just worlds apart

Lessons learned in time
The days lost forever
Learn from the past, there's only the future

[Guitar Solo - B. Leung]

[Keyboard Solo - R. Venkat]


Amongst the souls lost in time,
Pray for revocation
Live and let live, in this world of disaster
'Cause when you hit rock bottom,
There's no other way to go but up
Track Name: Rain
[Verse 1]
Left on his own, abandoned misery
He's blind to the fall
But there's no turning back this time
Forever on the run,
Forever come undone

Let the rain!
Wash away the pain
Let the rain!
Wash away the shame
Let the rain!
Bring us a new day,
And let the rain fall down again...

[Verse 2]
Seven years and counting down
The days forlorn,
Left to waste away
Forever on the run,
Forever come undone


DROUGHT! (drought...)

[Guitar Solo 1 - B. Leung]

[Keyboard Solo - R. Venkat]

[Guitar Solo 2 - B. Leung]

[Guitar/Keyboard Harmonies]
Track Name: Centurion
[Intro Guitar Solo - B. Leung]

[Verse 1]
Watching the world around me collapse
Into a million pieces again
So I give it another shot
Here's to sleepless nights and broken ties
Throughout the shadows of my past and future

As long as I walk, you will too
But I'm not going down without a fight
I've got scars for a hundred years...
As long as I walk, so will you
But I'm not going down without a fight
I've got scars for a hundred years...

[Verse 2]
Well, you know that sometimes talk is cheap
And all you really need is a little silence to get away
'Cause we're all our own worst enemies in this life,
And all we can do is our best with what we have

[Keyboard Solo - R. Venkat]


I look to the skies as they open up
A newfound hope; a path unknown
They say that "less is more" and I think I've seen the light
Look out at the world through different eyes

[Guitar Solo - B. Leung]

[Final Chorus]
As long as I walk, you will too
But I'm not going down without a fight
As long as I walk, so will you,
But I'm not going down without a fight
I'll carry these scars for the rest of my life

Oh yeah...ALL RIGHT!
Track Name: We Are Legion
[Verse 1]
Silent cries through the midnight skies,
No escape, too far gone.
The stars tonight, they shine bright
As you walk closer towards your doom
See as their blood stains the ground
Where you stand all alone

They await in the shadows...

Preying on the souls of the weak
Nobody can hear their cries
Watching in silence for we are legion

[Verse 2]
Cursed from birth, a true hellspawn
Breathing fire from his face
Ruthless, and nothing is sacred
On the ground you'll have a knife through your throat



[Guitar Solo - B. Leung]


And we'll never die...
Track Name: Forbidden Lands
[Verse 1]
Bound by mountains, as far as the eye can see
The horizon lingers of impending doom
A place of demons, the land of shadows
Evil will consume this place from the INSIDE OUT!

Stay strong, young one
Your heart will take you through this
Spit in the face of adversity

[Verse 2]
The thousands lost to the plague
Cry out to me from beyond the grave
They say "revenge is sweet" — or so it seems
Armed with 40 inches of steel, and with this blade
I shall leave my mark IN BLOOD!


[Massive Scream]

The battle never ends
Onwards we march
Until death himself has come to claim us all
Supplies running low, our reinforcements still
Have yet to show

[Guitar + Keyboard Harmonies]

[Keyboard Solo - R. Venkat]

[Guitar Solo - B. Leung]

(There is no way...) OUT!


Track Name: Wrath (The First Deadly Sin)
[Verse 1]
Lost in the depths of my own destruction
Hurdling towards my own demise
With fire in my eyes, it burns so hot
I cannot see outside THESE CONFINES!!!!! RYAOW!!!!!

Self-medication, the annihilation never ends within
Step back, take a look at the world
Around you as it crumbles DOOOOOOOOOOOWN!!!!!

[Verse 2]
Speak in tongues of fire, feel no shame
As the hatred takes you over
Inability to control, it overwhelms
Until the point of RAGE...

[Little break thing + mini solo thing]

Self-medication, the annihilation never ends within
Step back, take a look at the world
Around you as it crumbles...

[1st Guitar Solo - B. Leung] not proud
For you will NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!!!

[2nd Guitar Solo - B. Leung]

To live...
Forever in this war against MYSELF!!!! not proud
Though you have won this battle

[False Outro]

[Verse 3]
Unprovoked hostility, the bane of my existence
Delirium to the point of dementia
Take a seat, watch it all unfold
A ticking time bomb, and your time is running out
As you test my patience
Soon you will feel the chaos of the
Might that is my WRAAAAAATH

[Massive Guitar Solo - B. Leung]
Track Name: Burnout
[Verse 1]
Look out at the walls of my mind
I swear to god, I'm bleeding out the eyes
Decadent until the end...

Just going through the motions, again and again
This endless cycle of complacency...

[Verse 2]
Left alone to my devices,
I'm self destructing - it's only a matter of time
'Til then, I guess I'll see you on the other side

[Huge Scream]

We live this life the way we want,
We'll make the choices that we want,
We'll watch it burn.
Don't need a reason to believe,
The years have shaped me into this,
A burnout,
Until the end...

[Keyboard Solo - R. Venkat]

[Guitar Solo - B. Leung]

Just going through the motions, again and again
This endless cycle of complacency...

[Verse 3]
Back here, yet again
I see my own reflection
Staring me down
Questions asked but never answered.


I'm a burnout 'til the end,